Angry Skin...Post Waxing

After 10+ years of tweezing my own eyebrows, I woke up one day and said "Lets do this!" Time to wax my brows and lip - The hype was real.


I went to the Benefit Brow Bar and had an amazing experience, the girls were educated, fun and definitely knew their stuff. I was offered threading but I'm not a fan, I'd rather get it over with QUICK. It was definitely a different experience for me from when I was 16 and getting waxed at my local nail salon. It wasn't as painful as I remembered and feared. Their wax is formulated specially so its less painful and better on your skin. After my awesome experience at Benefit, I was feeling invincible, like a real boss - I was owning this day. So I went to workout at Pure Barre down the street immediately after - biggest mistake.

The next morning, I wake up and I have tiny little bumps surrounding my eyebrows, similar to a rash. UGH!! Not cute. Of course I had a mini freak out but it had nothing to do with my service, it had to do with me working out immediately after. How long do you wait before you can workout after being waxed?!

So here's the deal: Don't workout after getting waxed. Wait at least 24 hours before getting your sweat on. Bacteria and sweat can irritate your skin especially in sensitive areas like your eyebrows, lip, underarms and bikini line which will result in wax bumps.

What to DO after being waxed to help calm your skin:

  • Aloe Gel-  Cools down the skin, closes open follicles and reduces swelling. (You can also extract the gel from fresh aloe leaves - moms favorite remedy)
  • Sliced chilled cucumber- Reduces redness and swelling.
  • Hydrocortisone Cream or Neosporin - Calms inflamation, itchiness and redness.
  • Witch Hazel- Soothing and an antiseptic.

What NOT to do after being waxed:

  • Do not exfoliate within 24 hours.
  • Do not workout within 24 hours.
  • No makeup or perfumed products should be applied 2-4 hours after waxing.
  • Do not touch your face/ waxed areas to avoid bacteria from entering the open follicles.
  • Do not get waxed 3 days before or after your menstrual cycle as your skin is extra sensitive.
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine a few hours prior to waxing as it makes the skin more sensitive.
  • Avoid heat sources like sun tanning, steam rooms or extra hot baths for 24 hours.

Now that we know the deal... HAPPY WAXING!! xo