Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Videos

So the big hype on the internet are the Boscia Luminizing Black Masks that look super fun! But are they really?

Anytime one of those videos pops up on my newsfeed I can never look away, its like watching a magic trick over and over again. Then after I've watched countless videos I came to the realization that they look painful AF! I for one haven't tried a mask yet, but the reviews I have read say that it feels like its ripping your skin and hair off! Guuuuurl, what happens when you accidentally get that in your eyebrows? What happens if you're hairy? um girl bye.

As much as we hear its painful, I know majority of us are curious and still going to try it out anyway. However, what I have read, this product really DOES work, you just have to be extra careful with placement and pulling it off.

Helpful tip: Avoid your eyebrows and the sensitive skin under your eye & around your lip area. Also, pull upward from the bottom to the top.