Celebrity Looking Brows Without the Hassle

Yep, Im a believer. I have seen it all over TV and the internet and now I finally got my hands on  WunderBrow. Lets just say...I am hooked!! Working on TV Shows I always want to assure my actors that their makeup is going to last under those heavy lights. Brows are so important when creating a makeup look because they frame the face. Whether its creating higher arches, filling in spareset brows or extending them, it makes a huge difference. This product is extremely waterproof and long lasting, its semi- permanent so you know its not coming off. I don't use the brush it comes with because I think its too thick. I use an angled brow brush to really create a shape. I also wish it came in a more variety of colors but its ok, I'm sure the colors will eventually be extended. 

Here is the video that really caught my attention and made me hunt down this brow magic to try it for myself.