Hey, it happens to all of us, even me. We all at some point face the inevitable... ACNE and it always seems to pop up around big events like a job interview, a date, or any important life event. It's been quite the topic of conversation for me lately so I figured lets do a post about it.  

It's been an on going battle for me with my lack of sleep and extra long work days on TV that has created my skin to have the ultimate freak out!  SO WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR COMPLEXION IS GOING CRAZY?!

Ill tell ya exactly what has been working for me and my clients that I recommend this too. I can tell you, I have tried it all...Now remember, acne can be tricky, so play around with the products listed and see what works best for you. It took me a while of experimenting to see which gave me the best results. Also, your skin may dry out from the active acne ingredient of Benzoyl Peroxide so remember hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Use a thick hydrating moisturizer when you feel your skin is getting dry. I love using: Mario Badescu "Cream X" for those extra dry days.


  • Lemon Water (I drink it all day long)- Chop up 4/5 lemons, add to a quart of water and chill.
  • Green Tea Water (I drink it 3x a day) - Just boil a quart of water, add 4 tea bags and chill.
  • No sugar, chocolate or oily foods.
  • Exfoliate - Sugar Scrubs are great! - Click here for fun recipes.
  • Cucumber- Cut into thin slices, layer it on your face and relax for 20 minutes. It is rich in vitamins and magnesium which is great for dry skin.